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Working with people is a huge challenge and requires you to constantly update not only your knowledge, but yourself. Taking responsibility for the development of young people, cooperation with their parents, professional contacts every day – consumes a lot of energy.

This work requires sincere commitment, which itself is an invaluable reward, giving a sense of meaning and agency.

I recommend a wide range ofindividual trainings and consultations which allow you to expand your workshop with new skills and a fresh perspective or to increase your personal competences, which directly translate into the quality of work and satisfaction with its fruits. Training can take the form of a workshop, seminar or webinar. Please choose one of the topics below or report your need directly – we will select the content useful for you individually.

• A student with an autism spectrum

• A student with an autism spectrum in a public school – how to help the teacher, the child and other students so that being together at school goes smoothly. Elements of autism therapy in the service of teachers in mainstream schools. .

• Sensory disorders

• Sensory disorders – what a teacher can do to help a child. The training helps to understand the nature of sensory problems and prepare teachers to eliminate the effects of these disorders in school work.

An authority to be

• Authority to be – how to effectively exert a positive influence.. The training will help you find answers to the question: How to build your authority among children and adolescents based on healthy relationships, wise rules, development rules and your own rich personality.

• Digital fatigue

• Digital fatigue – remote education and its consequences. The training offers solutions to the recent problem of fatigue in the body as a result of intensified work using a computer, limitation of social contacts and physical activity due to distance learning.


• Depression – How to prevent and support students in their recovery. The training is a response to the growing number of cases of depression among children. It allows teachers to better understand the problem of depression, to react faster and more effectively and to be a real support for the affected child and his family.

• Challenging behaviors

• Challenging behaviors – how to deal with them. The training provides tools for working with the so-called “Difficult children”, allows you to regain a sense of ability and control in relations with students, teaches you to modify undesirable behaviors so that they are not an obstacle to work with the child or support its development.

• Outdoor education

• Outdoor education – how to use the space outside the school and kindergarten for the core curriculum.. The training is rich in information and inspiration to help support the individual development of children and group processes using urban space and green areas.

The perfect school

The perfect school. The training gives wide knowlege about individualization methods in education.

• IPET - an individual educational and therapeutic program

• IPET – an individual educational and therapeutic program in practice.. How to legally and easily organize the educational process for students with special needs.


• Manipulation at work and in life

• Manipulation at work and in life – how to protect yourself from it. The training will help make participants aware of how their boundaries are exceeded and rebuild a sense of competence, self-confidence and assertiveness in dealing with a difficult parent or supervisor.

• Multisensory education.

• Multisensory education. which help to involve all senses in school or preschool activities – thus strengthening the involved and increasing the effectiveness of children’s learning.

• Risky behavior among children and adolescents.

The training outlines the scale of the problem, the reasons for risky behavior by children, the issue of prevention, cooperation with the family and the legal aspects of the teacher’s work in this area.

Training of social skills

Training of social skills – in service of emotionoal and social development of each student. The training uses elements of the social skills training to help beilding self awarness and maintain satisfaing relationships.

• In the land of children's emotions.

• In the land of children’s emotions. The training provides tools for working with children that help to understand the emotions that affect us, to read their signals and express them in a safe and creative way. Training will also help you work with anger and aggression.

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