About myself

Win your life! Grow in peace!

Right after graduation from pedagogical studies at the University of Wrocław and obtaining the title of therapist, I started working with people who needed support. I spent the first years of my professional life activating people with intellectual disabilities and their families to a creative, harmonious life.

For the next period I explored the secrets of Autism by working with exceptional Children in Spectrum and assisting their care givers in the upbringing process. 

Then I moved to Tbilisi – co-creating there Therapeutic Center with which I have the pleasure to cooperate till these days. The other part of my activity in beautiful Georgia were trainings organized for specialists working at the Neurodevelopment Center and co-creating an educational program for the occupational therapy course available since 2018 at the State University of Tbilisi.

After returning to Poland, I worked therapeutically together with several foundations in Wrocław, maitaining educational and training activities, which dynamically developed with the Center of Educational Skills’ Development (ORKE).

Whole my life, educational and professional experiences as well as the wealth of competences gained in practice and contact with wonderful people resulted in Win Your Life – a company established to provide you with knowledge and real support both on the professional ground and on the path of personal growth.

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