For Parents

Be the influential Parent

Do you love your child and yet parenthood disappoints you? Do you feel you are not a good enough parent? Some of your child’s behaviors limit your peace of mind and ability to enjoy life passions? Despite effort you take, the child does not undergo educational procedures? Do you feel guilty about spending your time only on yourself?

Individual consultation

I invite you toindividualconsultationsduring which we will define what the problem is and how to solve it – so that you can regain peace and sense of ability in every area of your life – not only in parenthood!

Behavioral consultations

If you are struggling with challenging behaviors of your child, which minimize your joy of life as much as happiness of being a parent, I invite you to behavioral consultations that will allow you to regain control over the situation and put parental authority in the right hands of a Competent Parent.

Therapeutic consultation

If you are concerned about certain behaviors of your child, strange habits, hyperactivity, unusual disorders in speech or social development, aggression or excessive passivity, food selectivity, sleeping disorders – I invite you to a therapeutic consultation that will help you diagnose the problem and find a solution or path to a specialist diagnosis.

Therapeutic intervention

In particularly difficult cases, I recommend therapeutic interventions – observations at your home or kindergarten / school, which can give us better understand of the nature of the problem and plan the way to solve it.

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